Angela Lane: Bixby Mom of the Month Spotlight – Presented by OU Physicians


Angela Lane is VYPE’s Bixby Mom of the Month, a title she earned because of her dedication to her children and their athletics. Lane is the Bixby wrestling booster club president, but the Broken Bow High School graduate will be the first to admit she wasn’t always so athletically-inclined. 

“As far as sports were concerned, let’s just say I was the last kid picked for P.E. dodgeball every single time,” she said humorously. “Now, I could Jump Rope for Heart like nobody’s business, but sports were definitely not my thing. If you would have told me then what I’d be doing now, I would have laughed.”

Lane’s three children, Ainslie, 18, Jack, 15, and Lily, 11, all compete in wrestling. Lane jokes that while she may be “stay at home mom,” her kids keep her busy enough that she is rarely home. She also helps run a nonprofit charity she and her husband formed six years ago with some friends called BrightSpot Mobile Family Services. They are a mobile food and clothing pantry that provides hot meals, groceries, gently used clothing, homegoods, and school supplies to Tulsa neighborhoods in need. Aside from being a mother, Lane says that it is definitely the most rewarding thing she could do.

As the Bixby wrestling booster club president, Lane’s goal is to provide a support system for the coaches, wrestlers, and parents. Fundraising is a vital part of the job for many reasons, including making sure the coaches are able to purchase anything needed to grow the program. But it doesn’t end there.


“It also ensures that all kids are able to wrestle if they want to regardless of their financial situation at home,” she said. “We pay for hotel rooms, meals, snacks, and tournaments fees so the wrestlers can go to as many duals and tournaments as allowed. I’m also in charge of spiritwear, buying and preparing all of the snacks and weigh in food. I keep the mat maids organized, as well as organize parent volunteers to work in the hospitality room and concession at home duals. If we host a tournament I typically assist the coach in the planning and execution of that event.”

Bixby wrestling head coach Brock Moore and his assistant coaches are working to build the program up. Lane admires the legacy of the Spartans and will be excited to help with and see the wrestlers grow over the years. 

“What I love about Bixby’s program is its resilience in the face of adversity,” she said. “Our program has a rich tradition of creating champion wrestlers.”

One wrestler who embodies the idea of resiliency is Lane’s daughter Ainslie. Ainslie, now a senior, was the first female wrestler at Bixby. Both she and her mother had to be tough as some people in the wrestling community were discouraging and even insulting. It was not an easy journey, but the more Ainslie competed, her hard work and determination earned her the respect of many wrestlers and coaches. Her mother’s support has been crucial to her success and she is very appreciative of everything she does.

“My mom has always been involved in everything my family does because her love for helping others consistently surpasses what is most convenient for herself,” said Ainslie. “She is the most selfless person I know.” 

For these reasons, Angela Lane is Bixby’s Mom of the Month.