Bixby’s Dolly Scott: Mom of the Month Spotlight – Presented by OU Physicians



Bixby mother of three and high school teacher Dolly Scott is the Bixby Mom of the Month. Mrs. Scott graduated from Bixby High School before receiving her Master’s in Education from Harding University. Being a Spartan is in her blood, so it was an easy decision to return to the town she graduated from to raise her own family. 

“Although Bixby has increased in size, it is still family. Parents, teachers, and coaches are engaged in our kid’s learning and sports programs. It’s nice to know that our children are supported everywhere they go,” said Scott. “The Bixby community has been an awesome place for our kids to grow up. When teaching, coaching, and mentoring are done well, the size and the programs don’t seem to matter. My kids have always been given plenty of attention and have felt supported in their education as well as their sports.”

Her own children are involved in the athletic program at Bixby Public Schools. Daughter Josie, who is a junior, plays golf for the high school and is one of the team captains, while younger daughter Ellie is a seventh grader playing middle school golf. 

“Between my husband and I, we go to as many tournaments as possible. However, golf is played during the school day and it is near impossible to get to watch as many tournaments as we would like. We do enter summer tournaments and I definitely make it to each of those. Josie ran cross country in the fall and Ellie played basketball as well as plays in a tennis league, so we are running a lot. Thankfully, we love to watch our kids play sports,” said Scott. 

The busy schedule does not keep Scott from volunteering her time with the teams. 

“In all honesty, I love to build relationships with not just my kids, but also the other athletes within the program. I also like to show that I value them by helping them be the best they can be. You definitely couldn’t call me a golf coach, as I barely know the rules, but I’m always happy to be an encourager! When kids see that you are spending time on things important to them, they see that you value them,” Scott said. 

As an educator, Scott has spent the last 27 years teaching special education for the Bixby Public School system. 

“For 26 years I taught in the Elementary Schools. I currently teach English at the Alternative Education center and work with 9th to 12th graders and I have found a new passion in this work,” said Scott. 

Outside of teaching and golf tournaments, Scott enjoys spending time outdoors, camping and hiking. When time allows, she also enjoys reading with a coffee or hanging out with friends. 

A program like Bixby depends on the willingness of their volunteers. Scott’s approach is to help the student-athletes in all aspects of school life. 

“Bixby golf coaches have all been great to my kids. The varsity golf kids miss a lot of days of school in tournament season and the teachers do a great job helping them stay caught up or even getting ahead when tournament days are approaching,” Scott said. “My husband, Mike is VERY supportive of the kids’ sports and tries to attend all the events that he can. He also enjoys golf so is often out playing around with the girls and our son when he is home from college. My husband also helps with the weed-eating and maintenance of the golf complex.   He is always willing to do anything that supports the kids.”