Lincoln Christian’s McKaylynn Stephens – Oklahoma Air National Guard Spotlight


By Kelsey Baucom

As McKaylynn Stephens graduates from Lincoln Christian, she reflects on what has stood out to her the most during her high school years.

“I have enjoyed my high school because the teachers truly care about you and want to see you succeed, and that goes a long way,” she said.

Stephens has been involved in the sports medicine program at LCS as one of the student athletic training aides for football and basketball her senior year. She also plays rugby for Broken Arrow’s club team, which has been a great experience. Her teammates and her coach have had a significant impact on her life.

“I enjoy it because when you play rugby it’s like a small family and everyone is welcome no matter what,” she said. “A person who I look up to as a role model would be my rugby coach Quan Hoang. He has not only taught me about the sport but also the importance of earning things through hard work and knowing that you can’t get through life without a team by your side.”

Stephens is someone whose motivation comes from being goal-oriented. 

“What motivates me to be my best is seeing what the end result could be if I work hard and achieving the goals that I put in place for myself,” she said.

This work ethic will serve Stephens well in her next chapter of life, as she prepares to join the Air National Guard. She first became interested in pursuing this path after hearing about other people’s experiences, including her father who is active duty ANG. She looks forward to having her own story to tell in the future.

“What first got me interested in the Air National Guard was the stories I heard from people’s experiences and success throughout their years in the Air National Guard,” said Stephens. “I look forward to the friendships I will make through the Air National Guard and the life experience I will get before I start college.”

Stephens will be studying Aerospace Medical Services during her time with the Air National Guard, with her basic training date set for early June. Her other future plans include attending the University of Central Oklahoma and earning a degree in nursing. With her goals in place and a hard-working attitude, she is on the right path for success.