Jenks’s Mary Liebert: Mom of the Month Spotlight – Presented by OU Physicians



Mary Liebert is a Jenks mom of three soccer crazed kids and they all attend Jenks Public Schools. The youngest is Jack, who is a seventh grader and the goalkeeper for his soccer team. Jack also plays basketball and is expected to start “school ball,” next year. Will is a sophomore and works as the team manager for the varsity boys team at Jenks High School. AJ is a senior and is the starting goalkeeper for the varsity team. Yes, that goalkeeper. And he was recently named to the Oklahoma Soccer Coaches Association All-State East team. 

“All three of them are soccer referees. AJ is a Grade 07, Will and Jack are Grade 08. AJ is the Oklahoma Soccer Association 2018 Youth Referee of the Year,” said Mary. “I’m involved as a referee mother as well!” 

Mary spends a lot of her time at the fields and at practice. She also volunteers with the booster club. 

“The first two years AJ was on the team, we, as a Booster Club and even as parents, were only doing a fraction of what we do now. I started helping those first two years with kickoff dinners and year end banquets, as I was a leader of a funeral dinner team at church and felt there was some experience that could be helpful. When coach Marshall and coach Lollis took over, they had asked me to help out (Coach Lollis had been AJ’s club coach for six years or so) and I told them I would do whatever they needed,” Mary said. “My middle son Will stepped up and offered to be the Team Manager as a Freshman at this time too. It started that year with me and Lauren Alvarez inputting the game schedules in Team Snap; when the new uniforms arrived, it evolved in to organizing those items in to a kit for distribution and turning uniform hand out into a fun thing vs disorganized chaos; our biggest effort was when we started feeding the teams, which we had never done in the two years prior, and we started feeding them only for away games… and by the end of the season it was every game and snacks!”

From senior night to pre-game dinners, Mary and the team have implemented many new activities for the players and parents to enjoy. Raising her kids in the Jenks system was an easy decision to make. 

“I love the diversity at JPS. I noticed it AJ’s first day of Kindergarten in 2006, when we were walking him to class. I knew then we were in the right place. Ultimately, we are preparing our students for the workforce. Working with a portfolio of different people and personalities is a reality of the workforce, and Jenks has laid very important groundwork for them in this space,” Mary said. “The academics! We have the best of the best teachers at Jenks. I have three very different types of students in my home, and despite this, each one of them has found a path for success at Jenks. This doesn’t happen without exceptional teachers.” 

The varsity boys team won the Class 6A state title in dramatic fashion, capping off an undefeated season.  “It was the highlight of this year for me and likely my favorite sports memory of my lifetime now! What an epic battle! People who had never watched an entire soccer game told me they had tuned in and did not know soccer could be so exciting! Coaches who have spent their lives around soccer as players, coaches and spectators said they had never seen a game quite like it. My gut told me prior to the start it would end in kicks. Being the mother of the goalkeeper, I worried the entire game about it… I was in tears after OT ended and the kicks started. I wanted our team to win very badly, and at the same time, I hated the individual pressure on our kickers, and of course, my son,” said Mary. “Our coaches, Eric Marshall, Brent Lollis, James Gross, coach Khampi and our goalkeeper coach Lewis Amos are all amazing. Each one of them brings something special to our team. We have a great leadership team within the Booster Club – Greg Helms, Adriane Lakin, Stacey Obermiller, and Lauren Alvarez and we have fantastic parents! Our players often step up too… loading and unloading items for us and transporting things we need, giving rides to non-driving underclassman to their practice destination or after practice. We organize ourselves with Team Snap and Sign Up Genius. I recently sent out a Sign Up to wash the uniforms after they are turned in next week… and it was filled up within minutes. It’s really amazing. Anytime we need help, our parents step up. And my three children step up and help me as well! We have families who have had multiple children come through the program, and their experience is always so valuable. It is exciting to have our new families join us too. We have siblings of current and former players who are in middle school, and it’s exciting to see what may be on the horizon for our program.”