Broken Arrow’s Ajani Jamison – Athlete of the Month Presented by Add & Multiply Sports

Ajani Jamison is a Broken Arrow High School athlete who is going above and beyond to better himself in his sport. Jamison plays basketball for the BA Tigers as well as playing on the Buddy Hield Summer AAU Team. He also trains at Add & Multiply Sports in Broken Arrow to become a stronger competitor.

Jamison will be a sophomore in the fall and will continue to play shooting guard/small forward for the Tigers. He has been playing the game of basketball since he was just three years old.

“I’ve always loved the game, since before I can remember,” he said. “My earliest memories was me shooting outside at my grandma and grandpa’s house.”

Jamison is a motivated individual who always wants to be the best and is willing to put in the work to get to that point. At Add & Multiply Sports, he trains to improve his performance on the court so he can reach those heights.

“It is a lot of short intervals of work and short intervals of rest as well,” he said. “It helps me on the court with conditioning, lateral quickness, jumping ability, and my all-around explosiveness.”

Corey Else, the owner of Add & Multiply Sports, trains Jamison and has taken notice of the athlete’s work ethic.

“Ajani is an incredible basketball player in his own right but he came to Add & Multiply Sports seeking opportunity to improve his basketball fitness,” said Else. “He understands that proper training in vertical, acceleration, and explosiveness is key to becoming elite in his sport.”

Else explained that the HoopsFIT classes at Add & Multiply Sports are designed by professional athletes and personal trainers to bring about explosiveness in the hips and mobility in the ankles. He says he is eager to post Jamison’s developmental results at the next PRO DAY combine, held every first Saturday of each month in Broken Arrow, after being very impressed by Jamison’s results as a freshman.

“As a high school freshman, Ajani tested with a 10 foot 6 inch vertical (6 inches above the rim) during one of our spring PRO DAY combines,” said Else. “Already far ahead of his peers, he has his sights set on reaching verticals only posted by local favorites and Pro athletes like Marshall Moses and Daniel Gibson.”

Jamison says that the main goal in his sights for next basketball season is to start and to help his team to a state championship. Every time he hits the court, he is working towards his future goals of playing Division 1 basketball and competing at the professional level.


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