Owasso Cheer Captains Q&A with Natalie Bible and Ashlyn Waters – Presented by Tulsa Bone & Joint


Owasso Cheer Captains Q&A with Natalie Bible and Ashlyn Waters – Presented by Tulsa Bone & Joint


VYPE: How long have you been involved in cheer?

Bible: I have been cheering and tumbling since I was about four years old!

Waters: I have been cheering since I was three years old! I was on competitive teams from then until my junior year when I decided to focus solely on Owasso cheer!


VYPE: Your squad has worked hard in preparation for the state competition. What is the most difficult part of this time of the year for you?

Bible: Having our most challenging competition during football season and making sure we are prepared for both.

Waters: The most difficult part of state season is definitely finding the balance between state preparation and learning sideline material. It can definitely be a lot at times but our team loves every part of what we do and we all believe it is so worth it.


VYPE: What do you love most about your team and teammates?

Bible: I love that my team can keep a positive attitude even during our hardest practices. I also love how close we are outside of cheer.

Waters: My favorite thing about my teammates is their compassion, they would do anything for their teammates and their selflessness towards each other definitely shows when we’re on the mat.


VYPE: Lets discuss your teammates. Who on the squad is the motivator? Who can sleep anywhere? Who has the best social media following? Who is the most superstitious? Who has the best impression of coach?

Bible: The motivator is Rinzey Walters. Sleeps anywhere is Georgia Benham. Social media is Reece Cunningham. Supersitious is Kennedy Kropp. Best imitation is Gianna Abdoo.

Waters: Motivator is Cadence Schockemeohl and Ty Rumley. Sleeps anywhere is Georgia Benham. Superstitious is Kennedy Kropp and Taylor Hart. Biggest social media following is Reece Cunningham. Best imitation of coach is Gianna Abdoo.


VYPE: What do you love about Friday nights?

Bible: I love how the community of Owasso can come together and have a good time at the games.

Waters: The stadium lights, the band, the cheers from the student section, and the sense of community all come together to make an experience that is like nothing else. My favorite part of Friday night is definitely watching my team be a part of something bigger than ourselves! Plus, after a hard week of state practices, Friday nights are always the perfect ending to the week.


VYPE: After you graduate what will you miss the most?

Bible: I will miss being on the field and have a front row seat at the games.

Waters: After I graduate, I will definitely miss my teammates more than anything. When you spend this much time with a group of people they become such an integral part of your life and I’m definitely doing to miss seeing them everyday!


VYPE: What are your plans after high school?

Bible: I plan on going to college to pursue my dream of being a pharmacist.

Waters: After graduating, I plan to attend the University of Oklahoma where I will tryout for the cheer team and study Pre-medicine in hopes of one day becoming a surgeon.


VYPE: What words do you want your teammates to remember going into state?

Bible: Titles – I – Must – Earn.

Waters: Enjoy every moment, even the hard ones, and whatever you do, put your whole heart on the mat so you can walk off with no regrets.