Bixby’s Sophie Childs – Volleyball Spotlight Presented by Excel Therapy

By Derrick Smith

Athletes enjoy sports for a variety of different reasons. Some like it for the competition, while others want the physicality and staying in shape. Sophie Childs enjoys it for those reasons, plus one more.

“Volleyball has connected me to so many great people,” she said. “Including some of my best friends. I am so thankful to be able to play a great game.”

Childs is a senior at Bixby High School. She is a member of the Lady Spartan volleyball team.

“I mostly play outside or right side, but I will fill in wherever I am needed.”

While Sophie has a lot of people that have influenced her life, there are a few volleyball players that have made an impact.

“Kerri Walsh-Jennings is one of my biggest role models,” Childs said. “I think she is someone who changed the game of volleyball in a way that can not be matched. I also admire Victoria Garrick who played at the University of Southern California. She now speaks on the mental health of high level athletes, which I think is a subject that is very important. My mom is probably my biggest role model! She is radiant and strong.”

Her favorite teacher is her math teacher, who helped her understand how valuable life is.

“My favorite teacher would have to be Jason Byrd,” Childs stated. “He taught me that life is too short to stand on the sidelines and to get out of my comfort zone. He also taught me trigonometry and statistics as well.”

Becoming a successful athlete has not been an easy journey, but for Sophie, it was worth it.

“It has taken countless hours in the gym, grinding through the monotony, and sacrificing time with family and friends. It has all been worth it because I have committed to play at Wichita State University after I graduate.”