Holland Hall’s Abie Koch – Softball Spotlight Presented by Barracuda Staffing

By Derrick Smith

Success can mean different things to different people. Even athletes can view it differently. For some, it may only come by winning a championship or some kind of award, others may see it by reaching a personal milestone. But Abie Koch views success a little simpler.

“Success in my sport has been about knowing that every time I leave the field, I did everything I could to support my team.”

Koch is a senior at Holland Hall where she plays pitcher for the school’s softball team. She began playing softball in kindergarten and she still loves the game today.

Abie loves sports, but she also enjoys helping people, so she decided to combine the two things and is just getting it off the ground. “I have begun developing an organization that donates gently used athletic equipment to schools and organizations that are in need. Though my website has not launched yet, I am currently taking donations for distribution.”

Although her organization is not completely off and running, Abie has already been able to make a donation of athletic gear to Tulsa Public Schools.

There have been many people that have touched Abie’s life, but the ones that made the biggest impact are those that were on the field with her. “My coaches and teammates always influence me to push myself and to keep a positive attitude.”

She also says her teachers have been inspirational to her in her life, but it is difficult to single out just one. “All of my teachers have been influential in my life and collectively have taught me that hard work and a positive attitude lead to success.”

Throughout her career, Abie looks at a couple of different moments as highlight moments. The first one she named were the two no-hitters that she has thrown. The other is a feat she was able to accomplish this offseason. “I was able to talk seven seniors into coming out for softball this year. Most of them have not played softball for four or five years.

Outside of softball, Koch is also a member of the Student Council, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Student Ambassadors, and the Baking for Kindness Club.