Jenks’ William Littlefield – Oklahoma State University Army ROTC Spotlight

Jenks graduate and Oklahoma State University student William Littlefield is also a Cadet in the ROTC program. Cadet Littlefield graduated in 2015 and is entering his senior year in Stillwater. 

Joining the ROTC program was the right choice for Littlefield coming into college. He explains why he made the decision to take that step in his professional life. 

“It has allowed me to pay for my education, while also guaranteeing me an interesting job with very competitive benefits. No other organization on campus can offer a similar deal,” said Littlefield. 

As a member of the ROTC program, Littlefield has enjoyed many different activities the program has afforded him. 

“It’s given me an opportunity to leave the traditional college classroom environment and experience a challenging adventurous lifestyle. While many students participate in campus clubs or activities, we’re conducting practical exercises such as land navigation, rifle qualification and infantry tactics,” said Littlefield. 

His future plans include a career serving in the U.S. Army. 

“I plan on serving in some capacity as long as it’s comfortable for myself and my family,” said Littlefield. 

Before he graduates from Oklahoma State University, Cadet Littlefield has a few decisions to make about his military career. 

“I will find out if I’m Active Duty, National Guard, or Reserve in October. Then in November I’ll find out what my specific job branch will be. No matter what the job is I’ll be leading soldiers, which is what I’m most excited for,” said Littlefield. 

Cadet Littlefield isn’t the first member of his family to sign on the dotted line. 

“I have a sister serving In Oklahoma Air National Guard in Aviation Resource Management,” said Littlefield. 

For other students considering the ROTC at Oklahoma State University, Cadet Littlefield offers this advice. 

“Take the first step by going to talk to the Cadre at school. They are subject matter experts in their craft and can help find you a future suitable position in the Army. Our staff at Oklahoma State has excelled in taking average college students and transforming them into future leaders of America’s sons and daughters.”