Summit Christian’s Ashley Fritch – Character Counts Presented by Oklahoma Army National Guard

By Derrick Smith

Success is a goal of every athlete, so much so that they put in all the hard work, time, effort, and sacrifices to obtain it. Summit Christian Academy’s Ashley Fritch says it also takes trust.

“In order to be successful, it has taken a lot of hard work on my part, but it has also taken trust,” Fritch said. “Trust to know that my teammates are just as capable as I am to get the ball over the net.”

Fritch attends Summit Christian Academy, where she is a senior and a member of the school’s volleyball, basketball, and soccer teams. She is also a part of Oklahoma Extreme gymnastics in Bixby. She began playing basketball in first grade, volleyball in sixth grade, and soccer in seventh grade. She started gymnastics at four years old.

Thankful for a great support system, Ashley says there are a few people that have made big impacts on her life. 

“My parents are definitely the biggest influences because if it weren’t for them, I would never be able to do all the sports,” she said. “My coach, Jessica Hopper, has taught me so much in the sport of volleyball and has helped me to grow into the player I am today. My older brother, Bradley, is the one who taught me to never give up even when the game gets tough.”

She has also had some teachers who have helped Fritch become the player she is today. 

“I have two favorite teachers; one is Jim Hillman,” she said. “He taught me to remember there are other people in this world who can’t play sports. He always says to enjoy it while it lasts and to remember the little things, like smiling, because you never know who’s day you could change. He is so humble, especially for being the coach of the softball team that won state at Broken Arrow. Dr. Thibodeau would be my other favorite teacher because she’s taught me to be myself, no matter what.”

Ashley also serves as treasurer for the Student Council. She is an active member of the National Honor Society and a football manager. After graduation, she plans to either pursue gymnastics at the college level or attend Oklahoma State University to study nursing or elementary education.