Cascia Hall Q&A with Cooper Mullen – Presented by Tulsa Bone & Joint

After a car accident that left him sidelined for football and with a jaw that was wired shut, we caught up with Cooper and asked him (via text messages) a few questions about the team, being a Commando and what’s next for the junior. 

VYPE: Coming into the season you were competing for time at quarterback, but you’ve suffered a small setback. What happened? 

Mullen: Yes, I’m currently playing quarterback, but have been sidelined due to a car accident where I broke my jaw. Currently have my mouth wired shut and have lost 25 pounds, but I’m about to get off this so you’ll see me soon.   

VYPE: We’re glad you’re going to be okay. What do you love about this team this season? 

Mullen: This team this year is extremely resilient and the hardest working Cascia Hall team I have been apart of. I’m confident we will be sitting just fine here in a few weeks.  

VYPE: Who are some of the leaders on this team you should mention? 

Mullen: There are a few leaders that stick out in my mind; it all starts up front, so senior Grant Phillips plays a huge role up front. Then, senior Zach Uhren is a standout receiver and safety who is the one of the hardest workers I’ve been around. Also, probably the toughest kid I’ve played sports with. Then, with humility I would like to say myself; still trying to be a good role model and show that actions speak louder than words as far as work ethic (especially for the younger guys). 

VYPE: It’s a weird question while your jaw is wired shut, but do you have a favorite pregame meal or any superstitions? 

Mullen: I’m not really a superstitious guy, kind of just believe in preparation. 

VYPE: What teammate has the best impression of coach Medina or any of the other coaches on staff? 

Mullen: Junior receiver and cornerback Andrew Warthan has our db/wr coach Ronnie Miller down to a tee. Then about half the team does a good Coach St. John (he’s hard to miss on Friday nights). 

VYPE: What does it mean to be a Commando? 

Mullen: Well, being a Commando is so much more than being a student-athlete. I believe our school is academically the most challenging school in the state, and our standards are just higher than others. I really am not trying to boast about our school, but that’s it. Extremely adaptable, smart, resilient, and most of all hard working defines a commando in my perspective. 

VYPE: If coach would let you play any other position, what spot do you think you could successful at on this team? 

Mullen: I’d be a receiver no doubt, I can jump, and I would like to be on the other hand of what I always do. 

VYPE: Best Christmas gift ever? 

Mullen: Best Christmas gift ever was probably my Benelli Super Black Eagle II. It’s a shotgun, I’m a big duck hunter. 

VYPE: Favorite subject in school and why? 

Mullen: My favorite subject is probably history just because I like learning about past events and things that shaped today. 

VYPE: What are your plans after you graduate from Cascia Hall in 2021? 

Mullen: My dream is to play college football, so that is my plan after I graduate. But, I will for sure attend college, but as of now I’m working to play college ball.