Collinsville’s Paul Underwood – Southern Nazarene University Leadership Spotlight

By Ember McElrath

Coach, teacher, and student are just some of the many titles that Paul Underwood is called. Paul is the assistant coach to the Collinsville High School varsity baseball team as well as computer teacher. Some of his duties include being the head pitching coach, outfielder’s coach, and strength and conditioning coach for the team. Being a coach and teacher keeps him busy enough, but he decided to undertake being part of the Masters in Leadership program that Southern Nazarene University offers. 

Trying to take classes while having a full-time career can be challenging, but the SNU MAEL program works well for several reasons according to Paul. The small atmosphere makes it great for someone really looking to connect and feel invested in. 

“When researching which university I wanted to further my education, it was important to me that it be small enough for me to build relationships that will last a lifetime,” Paul said. 

Paul could not live without the support and encouragement he receives from his “fellow cohorts” either. 

This program gives Paul the opportunity to not only meet his certifications requirements for principal but for the superintendent role as well, which not all other programs do. 

Of course with being a full time husband, father, teacher, and coach having a program that was flexible was a must. 

“Being able to go to class one night a week and obtain my Masters in Educational Leadership is huge for me,” said Paul.  

Paul believes that his program will benefit him in all aspects of his life. 

“This program will help me be a better leader not just to students and athletes, but those I work with and for on a daily basis,” Paul said. 

By taking this program Paul has come to better understand who he is as a leader.