Owasso’s Chloee Sams – Character Counts Presented by Summit Physical Therapy

By Ember McElrath 

Owasso Softball senior Chloee Sams is still trying to believe she is a senior. 

“It’s crazy to think, but I am a senior,” said Chloee. 

Chloee started playing softball when she was an elementary student. She got into softball after she saw her cousin playing baseball. 

“I was following in my cousin’s footsteps who played baseball,” Chloee said. 

Chloee is the third basemen for the Owasso Rams. Chloee is also involved in girls powerlifting. 

“It’s such a fun experience to see how strong you can make yourself,” Chloee said. 

The sport of softball has taught Chloee many useful life lessons like never giving up. “Softball has taught me how to continue to work hard despite failure,” said Chloee. 

Helping to make Chloee not only physically strong but mentally tough as well. 

“It has made me mentally strong, and able to push through adversity,” Chloee said. 

Being an only child can be difficult at times. That is one reason she is so grateful for softball. “It has also made me come out of my shell, I’m a pretty outgoing person now,” said Chloee. She is also thankful for the relationships she has made through softball with her team, coaches, and even the parents of other teammates. 

This year Chloee is looking forward to seeing how far the team can go. Chloee has a lot of faith in the team. 

“Our team is loaded with talent and potential,” Chloee said. 

Living in Owasso since she was three years old, Chloee has a strong bond with her community. She plans to continue her love of softball ingo college, but she is yet undecided as to where she will go, but plans to commit soon. 

In her free time Chloee enjoys spending time with her friends, working out at the gym, and getting some extra softball practice.