Skiatook’s Lauren McCreary – Character Counts Presented by Summit Physical Therapy

By Ember McElrath 

Skiatook Highschool Senior Lauren McCreary is a dedicated student and athlete. Lauren plays volleyball and basketball. She participates in her STUCO, FFA, and she is also in National Honor Society, volunteering for different organizations in Skiatook. 

Being a team playing can be difficult, but with encouragement from her coaches Lauren has grown into a great teammate and support for those around her. 

“I have had multiple coaches lift me up when I am down and tell me not to be selfish and to get over my needs in order to help my team and not bring them down,” said Lauren. 

Lauren gives credit to her coaches again when it comes to helping her to believe in herself, “My biggest downfall has always been confidence and throughout my years playing I have been coached to believe in myself,” Lauren said. 

On her free time you will catch Lauren playing volleyball with her friends. 

“I love playing volleyball and chance I get,” said Lauren. 

This summer Lauren decided to do something different with her free time. She got involved with the Cadet Lawman 46th Academy. That week Lauren pushed herself as far as she could go and then some. Lauren was taught what it was like to go through the Oklahoma Highway Patrol Academy. 

“We walked with a purpose anywhere we went, we sat on the last six inches of our chair when eating, we waited as a team because you are as weak as your weakest partner, and woke up at one a.m. for fire drill,” said Lauren. 

She not only did training, she got to experience some exciting new adventures like riding in a helicopter and playing softball for the first time. Having the opportunity to get involved with the Cadet program has changed Lauren’s life for the better. 

“The week easily became one of the best moments in my life,” said Lauren.