OSU’s Gillian Cannon – Oklahoma State University Army ROTC Spotlight

Gillian Cannon is a member of the Oklahoma State Army ROTC program. As a sophomore she is currently in her second semester of ROTC after enrolling in the spring semester of freshman year. ROTC is a family thing for Cannon.

“My brother and sister both did ROTC and my sister is a first lieutenant and my brother is about to be commissioned so seeing and hearing about their experience made me realize that it’s something I also want to do,” said Cannon.

Gillian went to Tompkins High School in Katy, Texas and ran track. She ultimately chose to attend Oklahoma State because her dad went to OSU and because they offered her an academic scholarship. She has nothing but good things to say about the ROTC program.

“Being a member of ROTC at Oklahoma State is one big family,” said Cannon, “everyone is there to support each other. It’s a really nice experience. You learn tactical skills and leadership skills that you wouldn’t get from a typical college experience.”

Cannon says that at the beginning of the semester they do land navigation drills and lately they’ve been doing a lot of battle drills from the ranger handbook. ROTC students also have a disciplined weekly schedule that features an hour of physical training on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and two-hour labs on Wednesday. The labs are where they run land navigation and tactical drills.

After she finishes at Oklahoma State Cannon has big plans for her future. She is a chemical engineering major and plans to branch that into become an engineering officer in the army.