Bixby Spartans Football Q&A with Luke Creeger & Brody Sartin Presented by Advanced Orthopedics of Oklahoma

Luke Creeger and Brody Sartin played huge roles in the Spartans repeating as Class 6A-II state champions. The Spartans fifth title since the creation
of the classification. VYPE editor Brad Heath caught up with the pair to get their thoughts on the season and what was different about No. 5.

VYPE: What was this season like for you guys personally?

Creeger: The season was unbelievable.  I would’ve never imagined I would have the success that I did. All the hard work paid off!

Sartin: The season was unreal, a lot of hard work and dedication, but in the end it was all worth it.

VYPE: Was there ever a point in the season when you felt there wasn’t an opponent you couldn’t beat or that you were simply unstoppable?

Creeger: After getting on a roll it almost felt that way. It seemed like we had all the confidence in the world that we were going to be better than the team lined up across from us.

Sartin: If I were being honest, yes after the first two weeks of beating very good teams, you get that unstoppable feeling.

VYPE: Let’s discuss some of your teammates and hand out some awards. Give me names for the following; 1. Hardest Hitter? 2. Fastest Man? 3. Best Smack Talker? 4. Inspirational Leader? 5. Player to Watch next season?

Creeger: Hardest Hitter goes to Brody Sartin. Fastest Man is Brennan Presley. Best Smack Talker might be me or Trevon Holt. Brody (Sartin) is our
Inspirational Leader. Player to Watch is Preston Solomon.

Sartin: Hardest Hitter, I hate to say it, but it would have to be me. Brennan Presley no doubt is the Fastest Man. Trevon Holt for sure, best Smack Talker. Inspirational Leader, also Brennan Presley. Player to Watch is Mason Williams. Please don’t sleep on him. He is the best quarterback
in the state, and should be highly recruited, does everything right on and off the field, and is an incredible human and works exceptionally hard.

VYPE: In the playoffs, Bixby put up 40 or more points in each game and the defense was playing great. What were your thoughts on Stillwater coming
into the finals?

Creeger: We knew that they were going to be a very talented team with a good scheme, but we were confident in our selves and our coaches to be as prepared as we could for them.

Sartin: I knew Stillwater wasn’t just going to be a walk in the park. We are going to have to fight and we will definitely face more adversity.

VYPE: The final became an instant classic. What can you say about the Pioneers?

Creeger: They were the most physical team we played all year, it seemed as if they were the only other team in the state that was picking up weights during the season.

Sartin: Stillwater was a great team with lots of heart and talent. Hats off to them for playing so hard.

VYPE: During the game, did you ever question if you could win or if Bixby would come out on top?

Creeger: When we went down 14 it wasn’t looking good, but I was still confident in our guys to fight the adversity and put some points on the

Sartin: I never have felt that we wouldn’t win, even down 14 points in the first quarter I knew we would make adjustments and pull out the win.

VYPE: Now that you are back-to-back champions, what’s the message to next year’s team?

Creeger: Rely on the weight room! It will work wonders for your body and you will see a difference come August.

Sartin: Keep your foot on the pedal, the sky is the limit, hit them hard and keep the same mentality.