Lincoln Christian Football Q&A with Chase Ricke & Connor Johnson: Presented By Tulsa Bone & Joint Sports Medicine

2019 was a big year for Lincoln Christian. Boys and Girls Cross Country, Volleyball and Football all won state titles. Chase Ricke and Connor Johnson played big roles in the teams overall success. We caught up with the two seniors to get their thoughts on the Bulldogs championship run.

VYPE: Lincoln Christian made a big statement this season winning the Class 3A state title over Plainview, 42-21.  What was this season like for you guys personally?

Ricke: It was really special getting to play with the guys that I’ve been with since we were young, playing for a championship and grinding out one more amazing season.

Johnson: It was the funnest season I’ve been through in my life.

VYPE: You guys went 7-0 in district, 14-0 overall. Did you get the feeling you couldn’t be beat?

Ricke: I feel like in the playoffs I started to play really good. I started making a lot of good throws that really helped us score a lot of points that would give us comfortable leads.

Johnson: When we played Seminole and we’re able to stop Cameron Gunville, I knew we had no flaws in our defense.

VYPE: Several teammates made major impacts this season. Lets hand out some awards of our own. Tell me who on the team is the hardest hitter? ho is the fastest player? Who talks the best smack? Who is the inspirational leader? And who is a player to watch for next season?

Ricke: Connor would probably have to be one of our biggest hitters. He was never afraid of anyone and would stick them no matter who it was. The fastest man would probably be Kolbe Katsis. He was always one of the fastest guys in the field. Ian Klaus was probably our biggest one talker. He always had words for people no matter who they were. Josh Kaste was definitely are best leader. He was so encouraging on and off the field. Kolbe Katsis is your guy to watch next year. He was a dog this year and really stepped up to help our team.

Johnson: Biggest hitter is probably me.  Kolbe Katsis is our fastest man. Zac Harwell is the best smack talker. Josh Kaste is the inspirational leader. And Katsis is one to watch next year.

VYPE: Talk about the playoffs and your run to a title. What was that like? Ricke: It was really special. We beat some teams that have a very good history of winning and to beat all of them means a lot.

Johnson: It was the best part of the season cause it had the best competition.

VYPE: The team’s performance in the finals was amazing, but what can you say about your opponent in Plainview?

Ricke: They were a really good team. They had a really good offense followed by a really good defense. We made some really good plays that set us for the game that in the end would help us to win the game

Johnson: They had some players but I think we were a better team.

VYPE: What was the gameplan for Plainview?

Ricke: The game plan was quick screens and that we had to get the running game going. The running game would make them stack the box and that would open up the throwing game.

Johnson: Stop 23.

VYPE: What is the message to next years team?

Ricke: My message to them is that I hope they have a good season next year. Use what we did to have that winning mentality next year and go make a run for another gold ball next year.

Johnson: They need to give it their all.

VYPE: Last question, what was the funniest moment you witnessed on the field this year?

Ricke: The funniest moment for me was probably when we scored three times in a row in our Seminole game. We scored twice in a row and got two flags on both of the plays. Then we came out on the next play and scored again and had no flags. And we went back and watched it again and laughed
so hard at what we did.

Johnson: When we were playing Vian and Solomon Wright jumped offside and pushed our center over and he was dying laughing.