Metro Christian Football Q&A with Price Allman and Asher Link: Presented By Don Thornton Automotive Group

The Patriots made the record books with their first state football title in school history by defeating Vian, 42-34.

VYPE caught up with two of their  tars, Price Allman and Asher Link, to get their thoughts on the season and becoming Class 2A state champions.

VYPE: What was this season like for you personally?

Allman: This season was like a dream. It seemed too fun to be real.

Link: This season was everything we wanted it to be! Before the season started the seniors set goals and we achieved every single one of them.

VYPE: Was there ever a point in the season when you felt you were unstoppable or playing at a championship level?

Allman: After we beat Washington 55-13, I felt like if we played our best we could beat anyone.

Link: I wouldn’t ever say we thought we were unstoppable, but we knew that we were special. There was a different dynamic on the team this year than there has been in the past. We all worked our tails off in the offseason and it paid off.

VYPE: Lets mention some of your teammates. If we handed out awards for the following, who would win them? 1. Hardest Hitter? 2. Fastest Man? 3.
Best Smack Talker? 4. Inspirational Leader? 5. Player to Watch Next Year?

Allman: Hardest Hitter, Aidan Currivean. Fastest Man, Asher link. Best Smack Talker, Levi Korir. Inspirational Leader, Asher Link. Player to Watch, Cade Gibson.

Link: Hardest Hitter, Aidan Currivean. Fastest Man, Tagg Campbell. Best Smack Talker, Carson Callaway. Inspirational Leader, Price Allman. Player to Watch Next Year, Levi Korir.

VYPE: The finals became an instant classic. What can you say about your opponent in Vian?

Allman: Vian was very talented. They were hard to tackle and had a few guys that could break one on any play if you weren’t careful. They definitely earned my respect.

Link: We knew going into the game that Vian was big and physical and that we would have to play the best football we’ve played all year to beat them.  Some of those guys are freak athletes.

VYPE: During the game, did you ever question if you would come out victorious?

Allman: Not really. There was one spot in the game where they forced a couple three and outs and were driving on us, but I knew we’d pull out with the win.

Link: I think there was a point in the first half during the game when they had a lot of the momentum that we questioned if we could win. Giving up was not an option for any of us. We had been down 13-0 the previous week and came back to win. We knew we could win the game and I think all of the seniors on the team led us to win the second half.

VYPE: Now that you are champions, what’s the message to next year’s team?

Allman: To not let this past season be good enough and to work even harder. To raise the bar even higher.

Link: My message to next years team is to work as hard as you can in the offseason, never take for granted the time you have because you never know what day could be your last, and to play the game with purpose and heart.

VYPE: Last question, what was the funniest moment on the field this season?

Allman: I can’t really think of just one moment but the whole season was a ton of fun. We had a great group of guys that made the whole season, one that I’ll remember forever.

Link: Funniest moment on the field this season was during the state championship game when Solomon Wright kept saying, “I’m coming again.”