Union’s Tierney Jackon: Tulsa Area Athlete Presented By Tulsa Tech

By Derrick Smith

There is someone in all of our lives that we look up to as a role model. No matter who they are, there is something about them or something they have done that earns our respect. A few people in Tierney Jackson’s life fit that bill.

“My biggest role model is my cousin Megan Patillo,” she said. “She plays volleyball for Houston Baptist University and she was the one who introduced me to volleyball and she is just a very independent woman that I thrive to be like. Also, my mom and Summer because they are the reason
I get to play the sport that I love and getting to receive the opportunity I have been given playing volleyball.”

Jackson is a sophomore at Union High School, where she plays middle blocker and pin hitter on the volleyball team. Along with playing volleyball for the Lady Redskins, she also plays for Club ONE in Tulsa.

The success that Tierney has enjoyed has only come because of the time she has put in and staying focused. “It has taken a lot of hard work and
dedication,” she said. “For example, coming in an hour before practice just to fix my footwork for the whole summer. Being coachable and being able to take criticism.”

Jackson says that her favorite teacher is one from all the way back to elementary school. “Mr. Ray was my fifth grade teacher,” she said. “He taught math and social studies and he always made learning fun by using food and baking stuff for us to teach us math and using board games and debates to describe the revolutionary war for social studies.”

While she has had some great moments playing volleyball, Jackson says the highlight of her career is the people she was able to play alongside. “I have had some amazing people as teammates through the years,” she stated. “In both school and club ball, it was great playing with people that love the sport as much as I do.”

Tierney has some words of advice for everyone out there, not just athletes. “I just want to let everyone know that they can achieve anything they put their mind to. As long as they make the right decision and put in all the hard work it will pay off, and that they can succeed at anything.”