Catoosa Boys Basketball Q&A: Captains Phillips & Coons Presented By Tulsa Bone & Joint

VYPE: How long have you played basketball, and what position do you play?

Phillips: I have played basketball since I was in second grade. I play point guard.

Coons: I have played organized basketball since I was four years old. I am a forward.

VYPE: What first got you interested in the sport?

Phillips: Growing up with parents that have taken the game to the next level and have had so much experience, it was basically in my blood to play this game. There is no dull moment in the duration that the game is played and that’s why I love it.

Coons: My dad has been a high school basketball coach my entire life, so I was born into it and have always had a love for the game.

VYPE: How would you describe the season so far?

Phillips: Our season right now is going pretty good. We have some things to work on but we will get it done.

Coons: So far this season has been pretty good. We have a much tougher schedule compared to last year. We have lost a few games that I believe we shouldn’t have, but our record is not indicative of how good we are.

VYPE: What do you hope to see in the rest of it?

Phillips: We have our moments that show us how good we can really be and how bad things can go really quick. If we keep progressing how we are, it’s gonna be a fun season!

Coons: For the rest of the season, personally, I just want to continue to get better at every aspect of my game. As a team, hopefully we can play more consistently and lock-in on defense because when we do, we are tough to beat.

VYPE: Do you have a favorite team to play against? If so, why?

Phillips: One of my favorite teams to play against is always Verdigris. The hype, energy, and beating them is always so fun.

Coons: I would say Fort Gibson is my favorite team to play because ever since junior high we have gone back and forth with each other and every game is very competitive. I also enjoy playing them because one of my good friends and AAU teammates plays for them, so when we play them I also play for bragging rights.

VYPE: Who is your all-time favorite basketball player?

Phillips: A player I’ve looked up to has always been Kevin Durant.

Coons: LeBron James

VYPE: Let’s talk about your teammates. Which player on your team would you not want to go up against? Who keeps everyone laughing? Who is a leader on the court?

Phillips: I would definitely not go against our 6’7 center Braden Lee, just because he is too big. You can always have so much fun when Stryker Daniel is on the court keeping all of us always laughing and entertained.  I’d like to say that we have multiple leaders on our team but I try my best to lead by example and push my teammates every practice and make sure that we are all getting better.

Coons: I would probably say our sophomore Caleb Nibblink because he’s long, athletic, and I have to work a little harder to score on him. Stryker Daniel definitely keeps the team laughing non-stop. As far as leaders go, we don’t have one specific person who we call our leader because most of us are seniors and three of us have started for three years, so we know what it takes and are very vocal to our teammates.

VYPE: What are your plans after high school?

Phillips: Right now, my plans after high school are to attend school, hopefully carry on playing the sport, and get a degree!

Coons: After high school my plan is to hopefully continue my basketball career in college, but if does not happen I will attend University of Oklahoma for academics.