Edison Prep’s Mariah Smith: Tulsa Area Basketball Spotlight Presented By Tulsa Tech

By Derrick Smith

High school athletics can allow some students opportunities that they may never have had otherwise. That is the case for Edison’s Mariah Smith, who was able to travel to and compete at the USA Basketball headquarters in Colorado. “My highlight moment would have to be being invited to the USA trials in Colorado Springs, Colorado,” she said. “I was able to compete against some of the top talent in the nation and I had a really good showing.”

Mariah is a senior and a member of the Lady Eagles basketball team. She says she has played basketball for about twelve years now.

There are two people who Smith looks up to.  One is someone she is very close to and the other is someone that she watches play on TV. “First, I look up to my mom, LaShawna Donley-Smith,” she said. “She is my role model because she is such a strong woman and she gets through everything that comes her way. I am thankful to have her in my life. Kyrie Irving is someone else I look up to because I like his game and he dribbles so good.”

Throughout her education, Mariah has had a lot of really good teachers, but there is one instructor that made an impact on her life and it still sticks with her today. “My seventh grade science teacher taught me a lot and is still had a major influence on what I want to do later in life.”

Becoming a successful athlete is something that Smith strives for every day. “It takes a lot of practice and a lot of sacrifices,” she said.  “You also have to do what others won’t do.”