Glenpool’s Skylar Cummings: Basketball Spotlight Presented By Tulsa Tech

By Derrick Smith

When you are part of a team, there are a lot of different aspects involved.  There needs to be good team chemistry, everyone has to be at their best, and there has to be trust.

Glenpool’s Skylar Cummings looks at basketball a little bit differently. “I love basketball because you become closer with your teammates,” she said. “And I love the competitiveness of the sport.”

Cummings, a sophomore, plays point guard for the Lady Warriors basketball team. She also is a member of the school track team. Skylar began playing basketball when she was in kindergarten and has played it ever since.

There are a couple of people in Skylar’s life who have made a big impact on her and helped her become who she is. “I have always looked up to my sister, Malachi, because of the way she played,” she said. “And she had a strong work ethic. My dad has always been my number one fan. He pushes me, corrects me, teaches me, and cheers me on.”

A lot of things have gone into Cummings’ success in basketball. “It has taken hard work, a supportive family, a strong team, and a good coach,” she stated.

Glenpool head basketball coach Bobby Belveal has been a great coach for Skylar. “He always encourages me to be a leader and give it one hundred percent.”

She says that her favorite memory was as a freshman member of the varsity team. “When I came in as a freshman, I started as the point guard,” Cummings recalled. “I felt really great to be accepted by my teammates.”

Cummings is also a part of Score Basketball in Bixby. “They give lessons in ball handling and shooting,” she said. “It has really helped my game.”