Owasso Rams Football Q&A with Cole Dugger and Dawson Adams: Presented By Summit Physical Therapy

The Owasso Rams finished the season with a record of 13-0 after defeating Jenks in the Class 6A-I finals. VYPE caught up with Cole Dugger and Dawson Adams, quarterback and safety, to get their thoughts on the season.

VYPE: What was this season like for you coming into the year ranked No. 1 in Class 6A-I?

Dugger: It was the most fun I’ve ever had playing football. I would love to go back and do it again.

Adams: Getting to go undefeated and cap off the season with the gold ball with the guys I grew up with meant so much to me. We put in so much work over the offseason and seeing that work pay off was something special.

VYPE: Throughout the season, it appeared Owasso always had things under control. Was there ever a point when you felt this team could do
something special?

Dugger: I knew all season what this team was capable of doing and every week we continued to get better and it showed.

Adams: Coach B would always tell us to focus on the game ahead of us. To focus on going 1-0. I tried not to think about the championship until we were there, but I felt like we started playing our best football the first round of the playoffs and we used that momentum with our next few games.

VYPE: In the playoffs you guys had to beat some tough opponents to get to the finals. What was that playoff run like?

Dugger: It was a grind. We knew we had a tough road to get through but we came in everyday and got better.

Adams: We played one of the hardest playoff schedules out of anyone this year, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

VYPE: What can you say about your opponent in Jenks?

Dugger: Jenks played a really good game and showed why they were in the championship. They were a very tough team.

Adams: Although their record might not have indicated it, Jenks was the best football team we played all year. They had some very talented players and played hard.

VYPE: What was the plan for Jenks in the finals?

Dugger: We just had to keep doing what we did all year.

Adams: Defensively, we knew they had a good offense. We were fortunate enough that we had some great players on our defense so we didn’t need to change much of the game plan from game to game.

VYPE: Time to mention some of your teammates. Tell us who would get the following awards? Hardest Hitter? Fastest Man? Best Smack Talker Inspirational Leader? Player to Watch next season?

Dugger: Hardest Hitter is Emaud Triplett. Fastest Man goes to Cole Adams. Best Smack Talker would be Tristin Profit. Inspirational Leader is Hagen Hood. Player to Watch next season, Cole Adams.

Adams: Hardest Hitter is Emaud Triplett. Fastest Man is Cole Adams. Best Smack Talker is Brenden Dye. Inspirational Leader is Hagen Hood. Player I can’t wait to watch this next season, really the whole team. I know how hard they are already working for the next ring. So I’m very excited to see what they’re going to do next season.

VYPE: Now that you have won another state title for Owasso, what is the message to next year’s team?

Dugger: Go get another one.

Adams: Continue to listen to the coaches and buy in. Work hard every single day because it pays off in the end.

VYPE: Last question, what was the funniest moment this season on the field? Something that made you laugh in the middle of all the chaos?

Dugger: One time I ran the wrong play and we almost scored.

Adams: Seeing how nervous Jake Adams was going in on kick off return his first game suiting up.