Owasso’s Nate Jacobson: Wrestling Spotlight Presented By Summit Physical Therapy

By Derrick Smith

An important part of any athlete’s career is the people that they surround themselves with. Their goal is to get people around them who will motivate and push them to continually work to become better at their sport. Nate Jacobson says that he is where he is because of them.

“My coach, Mike Ryan, is a big influence on my life,” he said. “He is in the room every day with us and pushes me to be better. He reassures me that at the end of the year, I can do something special at the state tournament. Also, I wouldn’t achieve any success in wrestling without my amazing teammates. They are Mark Turner, Kilian McNichol, EJ Tecson, and Zeke Washington.”

Jacobson is a senior at Owasso High School, where he is a member of the Rams wrestling team. He began wrestling in the eighth grade, but says that the late start has not been a problem.

“Since I only started in eighth grade, I was behind almost everyone,” he said. “Since then, I have gotten stronger and faster. And it has taken me working hard in the wrestling room and being disciplined outside of wrestling and sacrificing going out and doing fun things and instead, putting in the work to achieve something greater.”

As any student-athlete can relate, there are times when Jacobson would have stressful moments with his school work. He credits his English teacher
with being a great mentor. “Mr. Shuck helped me a lot,” he stated. “I learned how to be more laid back and still learn and experience things without
stressing out.”

Nate says that his time on the wrestling team has allowed him to make a lot of great memories, but there is one that stands out to him. “The highlight of my wrestling career was when I placed third at the state tournament,” he said. “I was so happy coming out of the tunnel and seeing all of my family and friends that were there to congratulate me. It was really amazing.”