Cascia Hall Wrestling Q&A Presented By Tulsa Bone & Joint

As the state tournament rapidly approaches, VYPE editor Brad Heath caught up with two Cascia Hall hopefuls, Eli Griffin and Grant Baber, before they finished dual season and turned their focus to the Big House.

VYPE: Lets start with what grade each of you are in this season?
Griffin: I am a junior this year.
Baber: Senior.

VYPE: How has 2019-20 gone so far for you as an individual and as a team?
Griffin: The season has been great. It has been full of learning experiences and fun moments with teammates. I also have been able to push myself to new limits and become the best wrestler I can be.
Baber: This season started rough for me with a knee injury. Since then, I’ve rebounded and managed a fairly good season. I feel as though I’ve taken on a leadership role to the younger wrestlers on my team this year even more so than previous years.

VYPE: We always hear about the toughness of Cascia Hall wrestlers. What makes you guys so tough to beat?
Griffin: Coach Jones putting us through really tough practices and he is just an amazing coach. Coach Jones is the reason the team is so tough.
Baber: From my experience, really tough Cascia Hall wrestlers tend to want to separate themselves from and gain the respect of their peers, proving to themselves that they are men worthy of such a thing. Cascia Hall wrestlers are well conditioned and taught never to quit, always trying to achieve better.

VYPE: Eli, you are going for your third state title this year. What would that accomplishment mean to you?
Griffin: It is very important to me. I have been working as hard as I can to make the third title happen.

VYPE: Grant, you were in the state tournament last year, what did that trip do to inspire you this year and what are you looking to do moving forward?
Baber: Going back this year for state, I hope to correct a number of mental and technical faults I have had throughout my wrestling career. Last year, many of these things became apparent to me. I hope to win this year’s tournament.

VYPE: Coach Jones is all business. What is it like to be a student in the wrestling room under a great teacher like coach Jones?
Griffin: It’s amazing! He is so awesome and such a great coach. He drives us to be the best we can be.
Baber: Being under a coach like Coach Jones is very difficult, but extremely rewarding. A man like Ernie Jones shows a lot of wisdom in his years and teaches a mindset of toughness not typically conveyed as much today in this more modern age. He is tough, however, you can learn a lot from him.

VYPE: What has been your favorite wrestling moment so far this season?
Griffin: Celebrating with teammates after a tournament. (Eating way too much).
Baber: Being able to come back from my knee injury and perform well at our duals against Jay and Hulbert was definitely a highlight for me.

VYPE: One thing you always have to have when you wrestle at the Big House?
Griffin: I have to have my headphones. It calms me down and takes my mind off the nerves. Also MowiWowi. The smoothies at the arena, just because they are so good.
Baber: When wrestling at such a big tournament, like state, I always think that it is most important to try to be confident in yourself.

VYPE: What are your plans after you graduate from Cascia Hall?
Griffin: I will be attending and wrestling for California Baptist University. After college, I plan to be a college wrestling coach.
Baber: I plan to study Economics in college after graduating high school. I’m still undecided on where to go and undecided on whether I will wrestle collegiately.