Edison Wrestling’s Whit “Porkchop” Azlin: Athlete of the Year Presented By Mazzios

Mazzio’s Corporation and VYPE have teamed up to grant $2,000 worth of Scholarships for one boy and one girl to be presented in the June issue of VYPE. Here is how it will work:

• Each month, VYPE will take nominations for an Athlete of the Month and a boy and girl will be elected the Mazzio’s Athlete of the Month. This will be a chance for boys and girls of all sports to be recognized for their performances.
• Nominees can be mailed to scholarship.Oklahoma@VYPE.com. Give the nominee’s name, school, sport and reasons you believe the athlete should be awarded the scholarship.
• The nominees will need to be seniors this season but keep in mind that their accomplishments as juniors will be taken into consideration as well.
• Each monthly recipient will be a candidate for the scholarship that will be awarded in June.
• All sports will be eligible to have a nomination.
• The male and female athletes who are chosen each month will have a pictured bio, highlighting their accomplishments, placed on this page.


Whit “Porkchop” Azlin
Edison Wrestling

Whitney “Porkchop” Azlin has had a great senior season so far with big wins at tournaments and holding a great record. He is a returning state qualifier and defending regional champ at heavyweight. He loves his sport because of how challenging and rewarding it can be.
“My favorite thing about wrestling is it shows who you are as an athlete and a person,” said Azlin. “It pushes you to your limits.”
After graduating from Edison Prep, Azlin plans to continue his wrestling career and get a degree in education.