Owasso’s Jacob Mitchell: OK Army National Guard Spotlight

Owasso High School’s Jacob Mitchell is a former lacrosse player and one of the Oklahoma Army National Guard’s newest recruits.

Mitchell recently enlisted into the National Guard and will leave for basic training some time in the summer.

“I’m a little nervous, but also excited at the same time,” said Mitchell. “The many great benefits and a chance to serve my community while still being able to go to school and live a civilian life,” Mitchell said was a big reason why he selected the Army National Guard.

“I only looked into Air Force, but I don’t think active duty would be right for me and I didn’t really look into Air National guard. Army National Guard stood out because I had a lot of friends doing it,” Mitchell said.

The opportunity to serve while going to college was a big factor for Mitchell.

“I plan to go to the University of Oklahoma and get a degree in computer science,” said Mitchell.

His grandfather served in the Army in the 1950’s and Mitchell is excited to be following in his footsteps.

The recruiting process for Mitchell was painless and he will serve in a job that he believes is a good fit for him.

“The recruiting process was very informative and there was no pressure. It went very smoothly and all my questions were answered thoroughly,” said Mitchell. “My MOS is 13J, which is a Fire Control Specialist.”

Serving in the military may become a career for Mitchell.

“Possibly. I mainly joined to get experience, benefits, and to serve my country, but if I end up enjoying it a lot it definitely could,” said Mitchell.

The future Oklahoma Army guardsman had this piece of advice for students considering the Army National Guard.

“Don’t be too nervous. It can be nerve racking at times if you are not familiar with the military at first, but it’s actually pretty easy and you are probably not the only one who is.”