Bishop Kelley’s Devyn Trujillo: Baseball Spotlight Presented By Excel Therapy

By Derrick Smith

Role models play a big part in the lives of young athletes. It gives them someone to look up to and to help keep them on the right path for what they want to do. The role model could be a professional or college athlete. They could also be a fellow player or coach, which is the case for Devyn Trujillo.

“My biggest influences would have to be the Beauchamp family,” he said. “Kyle Beauchamp was one of my first coaches in competitive baseball and he came from a family of major league baseball players. He is the grandson of Jim Beauchamp and the son of Kash Beauchamp. Kyle genuinely cared about every single player he coached, he did not want the biggest and best players, he wanted the players that would hustle and he would teach them the game of baseball. Kyle really laid the foundation for where I am today, and now I have some great High School Coaches. Jeff Scardino and Dennis Keeley are great coaches and they make me work hard toward my goals on the field.”

Another person that Devyn looks up to is a fellow teammate. “Cooper McMurray is a senior on our team and by far one of the best players,” he said. “He has already committed to play baseball at the D1 level. I can only hope to be as talented as him when I am a senior.”

Trujillo is a sophomore at Bishop Kelley High School. He plays third base, utility, and pitcher for the Comets’ baseball team. Devyn began playing baseball in the first grade.

While Beauchamp has made a big impact on him on the field, Devyn says that his parents have taught him so much about life. “They show me how high the expectations are and how to meet them, especially when pressure is high,” he said. “They also teach me respect and responsibility which can translate to the game of baseball along with their teaching of hard work and determination. After all, they are also my biggest fans and help keep me humble.”