Henryetta’s Lance Gouge – Baseball Spotlight Presented By Muscogee Creek Nation

Henryetta High School’s Lance Gouge is a varsity football and baseball player and is in his senior year.

Gouge is also a member of the Muscogee Creek Nation and over the years he has become very involved in the several things the Muscogee Creek Nation does for its tribe members.

“I belong to the Mvskoke Youth Council and I’m a youth praise and worship leader at my church,” said Gouge.

For Gouge, being a member of the tribe means he belongs to something larger than himself.

“It means the world to me to be a part of the fourth largest tribe in the nation. I hold the traditions and values close to my heart and how it impacts my life,” said Gouge. “They have helped me out with all the things I’ve needed. Services such as tribal youth grant scholarships and school clothing.”

Gouge plans to help his tribe in the future and give back to those who have helped him as he grew up around tribe members.

“I plan on representing my tribe by helping out with the tribe. I’ve grown up around the tribe all my life and had the opportunity to learn so much of how our tribe helps our people,” said Gouge.

As a student-athlete at Henryetta High School, Gouge is also proud to see the support and love for the teams he plays for.

“I love being with my friends and playing sports with them. I love how H-Town Pride is back within our student body and the town of Henryetta,” said Gouge.

After graduating from Henryetta, Gouge will begin his career as a welder.