Sapulpa’s Brandon Niyah – Basketball Q&A Presented By Tulsa Bone & Joint

Sapulpa Boys Basketball Q&A with Brandon Niyah

VYPE: How long have you been playing basketball, and what first got you interested in the sport?
Niyah: I’ve been playing basketball since I was six years old so around 11 years. My older brother had always played sports so just going to his games made me want to play one day.

VYPE: What position do you play?
Niyah: I play point guard.

VYPE: Who is your favorite college or professional player and why?
Niyah: My favorite NBA player is Paul George because he’s so smooth.

VYPE: What are some things you do to be a leader on your team?
Niyah: I talk to my teammates on and off the court, I show up to practice, and I just do my best hoping everyone will follow.

VYPE: How would you sum up this season?
Niyah: It didn’t go the way we wanted it to, but we definitely learned a lot and we’re coming harder than ever next year.

VYPE: What have you learned from this season that will carry over to next year?
Niyah: Consistency is going to be huge next year.

VYPE: What keeps you motivated on the court even when it’s not looking good?
Niyah: Knowing that if we win or lose, we still learned and we can always get better.

VYPE: What is your favorite game or tournament you played all season?
Niyah: The Broken Arrow game. It was my favorite game of the season because they were a pretty good team, and beating them gave us confidence moving forward in the season.

VYPE: Let’s talk teammates. Which of your teammates was a key player this season? Who keeps everybody laughing? Who is the smartest? Who is the fastest? Who will eat anything?
Niyah: Jackson Skipper, Deshawn Courtney, Jayde Duncan, Tae Taft, Brayden Kimberlin.

VYPE: Looking forward, what are your goals for your senior season and after? Any college plans?
Niyah: Win State, and win every tournament we go to. After high school I want to go to the University of Oklahoma to become a dentist.