Sapulpa’s Mark Farrar -Leadership Spotlight Presented By Southern Nazarene University

Tulsa Technology Center and Career Academy math teacher Mark Farrar is a current student at Southern Nazarene University where he is enrolled in the Master of Leadership program.

“We are a dropout recovery/prevention program serving students from Tulsa area high schools,” said Farrar. “I knew I wanted to challenge myself to be a better educator. This program has already helped me achieve that goal. I love being in the classroom, but I also know there may come a time where I will be able to do more for my students in a leadership role. This program has helped me be a better teacher and be more prepared for that time.”

The program was appealing for Farrar for many reasons including the ability to fit it into his tight schedule.

“I liked how it is every Wednesday night with the same group over a relatively short amount of time. I thought it would be a better way to do a master’s degree while working fulltime. I was right. It was a perfect fit,” said Farrar.

With only two class sessions remaining and some work on his portfolio, Farrar can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Throughout this process there have been many things Farrar enjoyed about the course.

“I have enjoyed getting to know my fellow educators, both fellow students and professors. Sometimes it is easy to be in a bubble when you’re a teacher. Our cohort has educators from many varied backgrounds and locales. Being a secondary teacher in an urban area, I know about my area but not about primary schools or what it is like to teach in a small rural district, for example. I have been able to learn a lot from their perspectives and I am a better teacher because of it,” said Farrar.

Other educators looking to add a master’s degree to their resume should take the advice of this future graduate.

“Do it. The program will definitely enrich your life and your professional career.”