Metro Christian’s Spencer Keck – ROTC Spotlight Presented By Oklahoma State University Army ROTC

Former Metro Christian Academy student now Oklahoma State ROTC cadet Spencer Keck was a member of the Civil Air Patrol before entering the ROTC program at OSU. His decision to join the ROTC program was an easy one for Keck.

“I’d have to say there is definitely one major factor in me joining ROTC, the primary being I was already enlisted in the Oklahoma National Guard as a Combat Medic and figured, “Hey, you’re already going to Oklahoma State, might as well go ahead and at least try ROTC out.”

Family members may have influenced Keck on his decision to join the service. Keck has family members who served in the Air Force and Army during World War II and the Korean War.

Under the current circumstances, training and classes at OSU are now accomplished in a way that is new to the students and instructors.

“Training due to COVID-19 has changed pretty significantly in the form that as we used to be out in the woods doing training once a week for ROTC lab, now we are being presented documentaries and slide shows while being proctored by questions that require us to think critically and put ourselves inside the situation,” said Keck. “For example this last week we were provided with a slideshow that allowed us to critically think through a squad attack as a squad leader (a squad is a small unit comprised of about nine soldiers), then we discussed it through a discussion board post on our online classroom.”

Prior to the outbreak, there were several things Keck enjoyed about the ROTC program.

“So far the thing that I have enjoyed the most about the program is definitely building friendships with fellow cadets and learning how to be an Army officer with them,” said Keck. “Some of the Activities that I do in ROTC include: Color Guard (presenting the American flag at events such as the OSU football games), Tactics, which is certainly my favorite as it’s the meat and potatoes of what we train for, and PT (physical training), which with our new workout plan and system (although much more fun before COVID-19) is honestly one of the best that I’ve experienced thus far.”

An Applied Sociology major, Keck plans to go into law enforcement or work in criminal/social justice at the federal level.

Keck offers this advice to other looking into the ROTC program at OSU.

“Some advice that I would give to people looking to join ROTC is apply for scholarships, they help out immensely and they help keep you free of that pretty annoying thing called student loan debt. Do research on what you’re wanting to do, because time really does fly.”

Keck has used his military training to serve an EMT in Tulsa. “The training that I received through the military gave me the right tools to work as an EMT, especially after the things that I learned at my unit and AIT. Being an EMT in Tulsa during the COVID-19 crisis, even as a part timer, has been different than the three previous years that I’ve worked there. It’s kinda surreal to be on the chess board as a piece against COVID, just trying to help until checkmate is made by a vaccine.”

Cadet Goins (left) and Cadet Keck (right) doing the OSU ROTC push-up board at the OSU vs Baylor game last semester.