Owasso’s Teigan Denny – Athlete of the Month Presented By Muscogee Creek Nation

The Muscogee Creek Nation athlete of the month is Owasso senior Teigan Denny. Denny has been a four-year starter on the Lady Rams softball team, a sport she has played since she was three years old.

“My mother actually played some college softball and it just seemed natural for [my sister and I] to start playing,” said Denny. “After that first year, I loved it because my parents and sister made it fun. I have also played lacrosse for three years. I got into lacrosse because it was totally different than softball, and that difference and newness made me fall in love with lacrosse also.”

In the beginning, Denny enjoyed the travelling and trophies, but over time learned that the memories she built up were even more valuable.

“I look back on softball and have some of the best memories with my family,” she said. “Softball and lacrosse have opened up worlds for me… places that I probably would have never gone had it not been for athletics. My parents always made sure to make each trip both about softball or lacrosse but more importantly about family. As much as my sister and I enjoyed the sibling rivalry with each other, I would have to honestly say softball was more about being each other’s biggest fan, strongest critic, and most of all… best friends on and off the field.”

Denny is also a proudly enrolled member of the Muscogee Nation. “My family has always stressed how important it is to never forget who I am, who I represent, and where I’ve come from as a Native American,” she said. “I’m also proud of my Seminole and Navajo heritage and culture. Together, I think I have a special blend that can never be taken away from me. My sister said it very well in an article she had in VYPE: ‘Being Native American means you come from a strong sovereign people. Everything I do, I do to honor who we are.”

Denny admires how the Muscogee Creek Nation is community-focused and looks forward to doing her part. “The way the Muscogee Nation looks out for each person of the tribe is amazing,” she said. “There are so many programs that the tribe offers to assist and care for all of its members. The tribe and members do what they can so you won’t fail. The respect that we show our elders and veterans is very special. One day I hope to join the tribal workforce and give back to my heroes also.”

In the fall, Denny will continue her lacrosse career at Oklahoma Baptist University. She encourages other athletes to be open to new things, like she was with lacrosse. “To all the young athletes out there, don’t limit yourself to just one sport or don’t be afraid to try new sports even if it’s later in your high school career,” she said. “The doors of life don’t open by themselves, sometimes you have to turn the knob and you’ll be amazed to see how easy those doors open if you just take the chance.”