Broken Arrow Soccer Captains Colin Cosby, Luke Clingerman, and Caleb Anderson – Q&A Presented By Tulsa Bone & Joint

Broken Arrow Soccer Captains Q&A

VYPE: How long have you played soccer, and what position do you play?
Anderson: I am a goalkeeper and I have played soccer for about 13 years.
Cosby: I have been playing soccer for 14 years and I play defensive mid.
Clingerman: I’ve played soccer for 14 years and I play center attacking mid.


VYPE: What first got you interested in the sport?
Anderson: I got into soccer because when I was little my dad would watch soccer games on TV, and my older brother played.
Cosby: My dad. He used to play and coach and got me into the sport.
Clingerman: I’ve grown up with the game and just found enjoyment out of playing with friends and playing a sport that everyone in my family played.

VYPE: Do you have any favorite memories in your time playing for Broken Arrow?
Anderson: Some of my favorite memories from playing at BA are when we took our trips to Alabama for a tournament and all the players stayed in rooms together.
Cosby: I would definitely have to say going and playing in Alabama last year – super fun.
Clingerman: My favorite high school memory would be beating Jenks in PK’s and snapping their 20 game win streak.


VYPE: Did you have a favorite team to play against? Why?
Anderson: My favorite teams to play against were Jenks, Union, and Owasso because they have solid teams every year and I love playing in the big games.
Cosby: It would have to be Jenks for sure. Most of the people who play for Jenks are on my club team so it’s fun to compete with them.
Clingerman: My favorite team to play against was always Scott Galagher, because it was always a great game and the team that won knew they deserved it because they played against players that were very talented.

VYPE: Let’s talk about your teammates. Which player would you not want to go up against? Who is the fastest? The loudest? Who keeps everyone laughing?
Anderson: The one player on my team I would not want to go up against is Luke Clingerman, he has one of the best shots I’ve ever played with or against. There’s not one person that’s the funniest on our team, everyone jumps in on jokes and has their funny moments.
Cosby: Out of anybody, I would not want to go up against Tomi. He is a beast. The fastest goes to Javon. The loudest is definitely Tomi. And for the person who keeps everyone laughing it’s definitely Luke.
Clingerman: I would never want to go up against Colin Cosby because he somehow stops me every time. Javon Jones is the fastest player I think I’ve ever played with or against! Caleb Anderson is the loudest person I’ve heard on the field. Jose Chavez always keeps everyone laughing on and off the field.

VYPE: What was the hardest part of having your senior season cancelled due to the virus? Did you get to enjoy the games you did play?
Anderson: The hardest part about having the season cut short is missing out on all the memories we would have made in our last year together and not getting the chance to win a ring together. I did enjoy the games we did get to play and have a couple good memories from those games.
Cosby: The hardest part for me is that I won’t be able to get a state ring now. We had a really good chance this year and I feel like we got robbed. But I did get to enjoy the games that we did play. Playing and beating Jenks was really fun.
Clingerman: The hardest parts about the season getting canceled would be the fact that I don’t get to play with the guys I’ve played with my entire life. The fact that we had a great chance to win state also to keep having great memories with each other and that just being cut short. Last but not least it just felt like so many stones were left unturned.


VYPE: Do you have any encouragement or advice for the guys taking the field next year?
Anderson: The advice I would give to the guys for next year is to stay grounded and to keep grinding towards their goals.
Cosby: Don’t take anything for granted, because one day you think everything will be fine then out of nowhere something happens.
Clingerman: If I could tell them anything it would be to just enjoy the time you have, and play every game like it’s your last because you never know when it will truly end! Also, make sure to build a connection with everyone, because at the end of the game when things get tough you have to rely on one another to win those tight games.

VYPE: What are your plans after high school?
Anderson: After high school, I am going to Illinois Tech in Chicago to continue my academic and athletic career and see where that takes me.
Cosby: My plan is to continue my education and my soccer career at the University of the Ozarks.
Clingerman: To attend Southwest Baptist University, study and major in accounting. After majoring in accounting I hope to get my CPA.